Conner Brooks Lee

Mygration Explainer Video

Mygration Explainer Video



Illustrator & Senior Motion Designer

As part of the Motion Team for Pixels & Print Workshop 2018, I worked on creating an explainer video for Mygration, a mobile app tailored to refugees and migrants that helps them safeguard their photos, connect with others, and share their own story with the world. I had a hand in every part of the process from ideation to storyboarding to illustrating to animating. 


Bob Gautieri & Kelly Shelly

Conner Lee, A Wörtz, Lucy Naland
& Jessica Sheldon

(My animating contribution is from 0:05–0:13)



We first started with brainstorming to develop some loose ideas for the piece's narrative. I then came up with these rough storyboards of some ideas I had to start the piece.

styleboardsArtboard 1 copy 5.jpg

After some deliberation with the team, we eventually decided on the narrative demonstrated by the storyboards below. The narrative contains themes of community, hope, connection, and an emphasis on the message: you are not alone.

I then began the process of developing an illustration style. The styleboards were initially developed to be black & white, but were later changed to incorporate the Mygration brand colors. We decided on simple line drawings with a slight grain to add texture.